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Recent press mentions:

04.03.2012 An interview on my role in Animal Collective's Transverse Temporal Gyrus

05.2011 A review of my installation Fair.

10.26.2010 Part One of an interview on the Intransitive Records site

07.06.2010 A WSJ preview of the 5th Annual Floating Points Festival

03.2010 A review of To Build A Field in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

03.20.2009 A review of Julian Barnett's Sound Memory in the NYT.

07.19.2008 A review of dans le jardin in the NYT.

04.15.2008 A review of Kimberly Young's Plenitude in the NYT.

03.05.2008 A review of Yanira Castro's Center of Sleep in the NYT.

03.04.2008 Village Voice reviews Yanira Castro's Center of Sleep.

10.12.2006 A review of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company's premiere performances of eyeSpace.

10.10.2006 Village Voice reviews MCDC's eyeSpace.

07.31.2006 NYT: Review of Yoshiko Chuma's Sundown

01.01.2005I got a shout-out in Live Design Online

Last updated September 20, 2012