I'd like to share a few things with you:

The entire catalog of released recordings by Evidence, my duo with Scott Smallwood, can be listened to & downloaded on our bandcamp page.

Video of Jenny Lin performing my piece In Summary, at the Look and Listen festival in NYC:

A video of Losperus, a performance piece created and performed by Evidence (myself and Scott Smallwood) with video by Jonathan Lee Marcus, performed at the Hong Kong Arts Center on March 14, 2012. And another video excerpted from a Losperus performance (without Jonathan) in Edmonton, Alberta on April 1, 2011.

A recording: An improvised set (approx. 26') by the quartet Volume(I): Shelley Burgon, Maria Chavez, Suzanne Thorpe and myself at the Whitebox Gallery in NYC, on June 13, 2010.

Some images and recordings: From Outside Information, from my 2008 installation at the Mandeville Gallery, and from Magnetic North the performance piece made in collaboration with Chris Harvey and Kimberly Young.

Documentation from some recent dance and theater pieces that I have scored, often with algorithmic or generative scores: Two recordings: Recent instrumental pieces - The June 2009 premiere performance of Mirrored Ceiling for solo harp and electronics, performed by Shelley Burgon at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. (approx. 42 minutes) Also, the March 2008 premiere performance of Moving Target, for piano and live electronics, performed at the University of Arizona by Michael Dauphinais, who also commissioned the piece. (approx. 19 minutes)

A video from the press: NY1's video news story on the 2009 Floating Points Festival at Issue Project Room.

A recording: Contact with the Other (approx. 30') a solo performance from May 2007.

Photo/Video documentation: from my EMPAC360 performance with Benton-C Bainbridge in September 2005.

A video: An excerpt from Bridge by Evidence and Benton-C Bainbridge. Bridge is one of the 11 audio/video pieces featured on our Deep Listening DVD release Iris.

Video documentation: from the installation Cumulosonus (in Quicktime format, 15.0 Mb).

A photo: In the background is Mixmaster Mike of the Beastie Boys... In the foreground video artist Benton-C Bainbridge performs using two laptops to run Vidvox's Grid software (left) and my Scopemate software (right) custom-designed for their To The Five Boroughs tour.

Video documentation: An early Hemisphere speaker performance time lapse, Low Ceiling and friends (68.4 Mb) from 2003. Eternal thanks, Madeleine, for helping with the documentation and everything else on this!

More video documentation: An old sound installation, Maze Navigation (Etude #2 for Hemispherical Speaker Array) (21.8 Mb) from 2002.

And one more recording: An untitled 24-minute solo performance from June 2004.

Here are some recordings I have released:

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