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Internet flotsam and jetsam:

04.16.2019 My participation in the Merce Cunningham Centenntial concert, Night of 100 Solos, got positive reviews in the LA Times and the LA Dance Chronicle.

02.22.2018 An interview with the Block Museum at Northwestern University about the Museum Sound Design class I taught in Fall 2017.

02.9.2018 A "long form" interview with the Oberlin Review about my campus visit and the state of Sound Art.

01.16.2018 An interview with Experimental Sound Studio about my installation A Grid Against The Sky.

12.2017 Check out the article I contributed to the Soundscape Journal titled "Three Recent Moments With Pauline Oliveros" (find it on page 16)

12.04.2017 An article on the exhibition I co-curated with Chaz Evans, The Ears Have Walls: A Survey of Sound Games

10.06.2017 Culturebot reviews A Canary Torsi's STAGE.

07.31.2017 PopMatters reviews my World Listening Day concert at Issue Project Room in NYC honoring Pauline Oliveros.

06.08.2017 This is the final Managing Motorway Noise report on the innovative sound design project I participated in at RMIT.

04.10.2017 RAYGUN Projects published a short interview on the occasion of my exhibition Toowoomba Looproom: Music of Transmission Damage

04.28.2016 I am heard but not seen in this video of my performance of the John Cage/David Tudor piece Indeterminacy with Ira Murfin, in "Performed in the Present Tense" at Northwestern University.

10.05.2015 Vue Magazine has kind words for my keynote and exhibition participation in the Exhibiting Sound conference.

08.13.2014 Andy Horwitz reviews In the Garden of Sonic Delights

07.18.2014 The New York Times covers In the Garden of Sonic Delights

06.04.2014 The Wall Street Journal previews In the Garden of Sonic Delights

04.03.2012 An interview on my role in Animal Collective's Transverse Temporal Gyrus

05.2011 A review of my installation Fair.

07.06.2010 The WSJ preview of the 5th Annual Floating Points Festival

03.2010 A review of To Build A Field in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik [auf Deutsch]

03.20.2009 The New York Times reviews Julian Barnett's Sound Memory.

Last updated February 27, 2018